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Is masturbating good for the immune system?

Friends, please meet, Vitamin O!


Self-care is a vital tool in helping you to counterbalance life’s stresses. There is the usual list of recommendations when it comes to “self-improvement”, including fresh air, exercise, eating well, a tiny fridge full of skincare, multi-vitamins and a healthy dose of self-help via your favourite books or podcasts…

…and of course, and perhaps our most favourite tool, there is masturbation.

Reaching orgasm, may have additional benefits, over and above the obvious pleasure. These include some immune-advantages, such as…


Hormone health

You know that sense of release that comes from, well, coming? It’s real. 

Orgasms are a natural anxiety reducer. They help us to decrease our levels of cortisol, which is the hormone most closely related to stress. A reduction in cortisol can also aid with collagen production, so your skin will thank you too.


Sleep health

The occasional bedtime orgasm is great for promoting a long and healthy night sleep. This works wonders for your body – allowing you to recover from the day and keep your immune system at full strength.


Heart rate

Masturbation is also great for your heart rate. Orgasms help to spike both your blood pressure and heart rate, and just like other forms of cardio, they also release endorphins, burn calories and can also lower the risk of a heart attack.


So, can masturbation boost your immunity?

Sort of… some studies have shown that active orgasms can increase your white blood cell production, which is to say, there is a direct link between getting off, and fighting disease. It goes without saying that the former is far more fun than popping your vitamins!


The medical community has not yet fully endorsed masturbating as a go-to means of amping up white cell production, however, there are hardly any downsides to adding a cheeky O into your daily routine :)


After all, your body will thank you for the more restful sleep, reduced stress, glowing skin and… everything else.


Photography: @delmivieira_b via Instagram

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