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self pleasure = self care

Hi! We're pleasure gap. Think of us as your BFF with all the insider goss on sex, sexual wellness & self-care.

We're here to help reposition self-pleasure as a central part of self-care, and create a safe space for people to explore their desires freely.

We promise to bring you the very best pleasure toys from across the planet and all the tips & tricks to level-up your self-pleasure game.

we've gathered a crew of passionate experts, from sexologists to psychologists to bring you all the need to know info - you're in super safe hands.

team pleasure gap x

what is the pleasure (or orgasm) gap?

Here's the deal: some studies show that folks assigned male at birth are more likely to hit that O-zone during sex than those assigned female at birth.

Not cool, right?

Why does the pleasure gap exist? It's like a mixtape of societal norms, communication blunders, and even a sprinkle of biology. But fear not friends!

We're here to help close the gap and make orgasms great for everyone.

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we've searched high and low to bring you an edited range of the most mind-blowing sex toys going.

our range of toys are body safe, super fun and accessible to all, ready for you to play & explore.

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