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We’re all about self-love here at pleasure gap.

Regular masturbation is perfectly natural, super fun & the safest type of sex you can have. It has also been shown to have amazing mental & physical benefits. What’s not to love?


Ok, spill the tea - What are the benefits of masturbation? 

A little masturbation session can have a huge impact on your health & wellness. From giving your self-esteem a boost to reducing your stress levels, the benefits of frequent masturbation can leave you feeling refreshed & energised.


Masturbation relieves stress

We’re too blessed to be stressed and all that… so why not take a little time out of your day to focus on you? Masturbation sessions can (but don’t always have to) lead to orgasms. Orgasms release chemicals, including dopamine and endorphins, which make you feel great and boost your sense of wellbeing.

Try really taking your time and relaxing into a longer masturbation session. This extended period of time can offer you the opportunity to relax, allowing you to reset away from the world. Try to be mindful and present in your body whilst you explore your body and what feels great to you.


Masturbation improves sleep

Struggling to get a good night sleep? Have we got the natural remedy for you. Yes, you guessed it – try masturbating. It lowers your blood pressure, and the hit of chemicals will work their magic to have you falling into a deep slumber in no time. You’ll wonder how you ever want to sleep without a little maz session!


Masturbation releases sexual tension

We all feel a little sexual tension from time to time – what better way to relieve those feelings than treating yourself to a little exploration and self-love date night? Why not try setting the mood, taking a long bath, lighting some candles, grabbing some snacks and popping on your fave music. Once you’re in the zone, try experimenting with different techniques, angles and sensations.


Masturbation improves self-esteem

When you make it a habit to explore your body through masturbation, you start to tune into what makes you tick physically and emotionally. This can do wonders for your self-esteem and how you see your body, helping you feel even more awesome and confident in your own skin.


Masturbation is great for relieving period pains

Masturbation isn't just about the fun stuff - it's also a fantastic way to give some relief to those pesky menstrual cramps and backaches. When you get into it, it gets the blood flowing down there, which can really help ease the discomfort. Plus, those clenching and releasing moves? They're like a natural pain-relief hack (winner right?) Just remember to take at least a good 5-minute session to really feel the benefits kick in.


Bonus pain relief

Masturbation can work wonders for menstrual cramps, and it also turns out it's an excellent secret weapon against other pains like headaches or muscle aches. How does it work? During masturbation, your body releases feel-good hormones that can actually up your pain tolerance game. Yep, we're talking about endorphins - the natural painkillers your body produces. So, next time you're feeling a bit achy, consider a little self-care session to boost those feel-good vibes and kiss those pains goodbye.


Masturbation helps strengthen your pelvic floor

Masturbation is a mini workout for those pelvic floor muscles we talked about earlier. When you orgasm, your pelvic floor muscles get a workout through those contractions. And why does that matter? Because strong pelvic muscles are key for keeping you healthy and happy in the long run. So, if you're feeling like you need a little motivation (although who are we kidding?!), remember that regular self-pleasure can help keep those muscles in tip-top shape.


Masturbation can boost cognitive function

Alright, get this: Science says that folks who indulge in some solo fun or get busy between the sheets more often might actually be boosting their brainpower! Turns out, there's some research suggesting that having an orgasm in the morning can kickstart your day with a bang. Think increased energy levels and better focus - what better way to rev up your cognitive engines eh? So, next time you're debating hitting that snooze button, consider a different kind of wake-up call to get those brain cells firing!


What should I use when masturbating:

Masturbation is all about personal preference, so feel free to get creative with your tools. Whether you're using your fingers or diving into the world of toys, there's a whole universe of sensations to explore. Think different angles, materials, pressures, and positions - heck, throw in some sensory delights like sound, sight, smell, and taste for the full experience!

Sure, your body and mind are equipped with all the essentials needed for an excellent maz session (hello brain - the ultimate pleasure MVP!), but why not add a little extra spice? At Pleasure gap, we have a wide range of (well tested!) vibrators - the ultimate partner in crime for your pleasure journey. Whether you're a newbie looking for a simple bullet vibe or craving something that mimics the real deal like a rabbit vibrator, there's something to suit every taste and desire. So go ahead, indulge in a little exploration, and discover what floats your boat.


Date night idea: mutual masturbation

Remember masturbation does not have to mean alone time. A little mutual masturbation makes for something a little different, and can be just the ticket to spice things up a little (it’s hot af watching your partner get theirs). Highly recommended, 5* rating from us!


How often should I masturbate?

Some folks are all about a daily dose of self-love, while others prefer to sprinkle it in once a week or even once a month. There's no one-size-fits-all here - just do what feels right for you.

The main goal? Feeling good and reaping those sweet benefits of regular self-pleasure. And hey, it's not about keeping score on how often you do it - it's all about making those sessions count and really savouring the experience.


When should you masturbate?

…and that’s totally up to you babes. Whenever the mood strikes, we say go for it.

A cheeky morning maz will set you up nicely, boosting your energy for the day. For the night owls amongst you, go wild – it will help you settle into the dreamiest night sleep. And of course… if you’re bored and at home alone (or with a partner) what’s stopping you from enjoying a little midday fun?!


photo credit: jacquemiss via Pinterest

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