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So, we know orgasms feel unbelievable, but can they really give you that that radiant skin glow? *asking for a friend*

Well, while there isn't a direct "have an orgasm, get perfect skin" formula, there are a few cool things to consider… read on friends.


Glowing from Within

When you have an orgasm, there's a boost in blood flow which can help nutrients reach the skin. This can lead to a brighter complexion and can aid cell turnover and repair. Think of it as a mini facial from the inside out.


Feel-Good Vibes

Orgasms release endorphins, our body's happy chemicals. Stress is a known factor contributing to skin issues like acne and premature aging. Therefore, Less stress & good vibes = happier skin.


Harmonious Hormones

Regular sexual activity & hitting the big O’s can help to balance certain hormones. We all know how moody our skin gets with hormonal tantrums. Stress hormones such as cortisol can exacerbate skin problems - A little balance could help keep skin drama in check.


Snooze and Renew

Ever noticed that post-orgasm snoozy feeling? This is aided by the hormone prolactin which is released post-climax. Good sleep is crucial for skin repair & health. While you sleep, the skin enters repair mode, regenerating skin cells, restoring elasticity, and repairing damage from UV exposure. Quality sleep is like a spa day for our skin, and orgasms might just send you to dreamland faster.


Nature's Moisturiser

Sexual arousal and activity can lead to increased production of natural oils, which might help with skin moisture and lead to a healthier skin barrier.


Chill Out, Inflammation

Some evidence suggests orgasms might keep inflammation at bay. Calmer insides could mean calmer outsides, especially for folks with skin flare-ups, and conditions such as rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.


Boosting Those Defences

Regular orgasms can give your immune system a well needed boost. A healthy immune system is crucial for skin health and its ability to fight off infections and heal. Healthy immunity = happy skin. Win-win!


But remember, while orgasms have their perks, glowing skin comes from a combo of factors like genetics, what we eat, our environment, and our skincare habits. Think of orgasms as a fun potential bonus in the grand scheme of skin health.

And always keep in mind: Everyone's different! What jazzes up one person's skin might not do the same for another. So, enjoy the journey and listen to what your skin (and body) is telling you.

… There is no harm in trying though right??


photography: @reiflerpaige via instagram


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