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Adele Brydges The Phallus - Black

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Adele Brydges

Adele Brydges The Phallus - Black

Handmade ceramic dildo.
Adele Brydges is a ceramic designer and artist with a passion for porcelain and pleasure.

Inspired by the Shunga block prints of 18th century artist Hokusai, the PHALLUS is an ode to the flow of line and curve.

A statement objet d’art and unapologetic totem, this piece is designed to be fully functional with a curve to stimulate the erogenous G-zone, A-zone and prostate.

Perfect for temperature play:
Additional sensations can be introduced by warming or cooling to a desired temperature in water.

The porcelain feels cool to the touch, but it warms incredibly quickly to your body temperature. Ceramic pleasure tools take on temperatures and retain them for up to 30 minutes. You can easily change the temperature by running The Phallus under hot or cold water. Why not have a play and find out what you love?

- Black & white marble porcelain
- Safe for anal play due to flared base
- Cool, weighty, firm, and smooth
- Thick cast and vitrified to increase durability
- Hypoallergenic
- Fully immersible in water
- Created in small batches from natural materials
- Can be used with any lubricant or natural oil

The Phallus is handmade with love by Adele Brydges. Her standard lead time is 4 weeks, but we are lucky to hold a small quantity in stock.

Please note that as each item is handmade, the marble finish will be truly unique and will not be an exact match to the images shown.

We regret that we are unable to offer refunds on pleasure tools by Adele Brydges.

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how to use

Adele Brydges aims to challenge the way that we view masturbation, pleasure and sex toys.

Relax, get comfortable and take your time. Pleasure with these toys is a journey, not a destination.
Use alone for self-pleasure or incorporate into your partnered sex life to enhance intimacy.

Safe for use with water-based lubricants or natural oils, such as coconut oil. Avoid acid based lubricants to ensure your piece stays in optimum condition.


Porcelain - thick cast and vitrified to increase durability.

Ceramic is a great material for intimate tools. Porcelain in particular is a very pure clay with a great tensile strength. It's incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, smooth and firm. Adele's pieces are thicker than conventional porcelain products to give you more confidence when using them. They also have a reassuring weightiness to them although they are not as heavy as crystal or gemstone pleasure tools.

All materials used are consciously sourced and produced in the UK.

technical details

All measurements are approximate. Each item is handmade from natural materials - please allow some room for variation.
- Length: 15.2cm
- Depth: 2.8cm (narrowest point) to 5.6cm (widest point)

care instructions

Wash your toys before & after use. Clean using mild soap and dry thoroughly. Do not place them in the dishwasher.
Please take care when washing as they can become quite slippery, and may slide out of your hands when wet.

The pieces are thick cast and high fired to ensure durability, but if you’ve dropped or knocked your tool on a hard surface, always check for signs of damage before intimate use.

Porcelain is a non-porous material and doesn’t degrade over time unlike plastics and silicone. Look after your piece by Adele and it will be with you for a lifetime.

Store in a safe place.