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Dorcel Diamond Butt Plug - Black

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Dorcel Diamond Butt Plug - Black

Jewelled Butt Plug.

Name an occasion not made better by a shiney metal anal plug…?
We'll wait.

The small jewelled butt plug by Dorcel weighs in at super cute & beginner friendly 53g, building up to larger diameters and weights to match your experience in sizes medium and large.

The Diamond Butt Plug by Dorcel is also available in Rose Gold.

- Sparkley base for bejewelled anal play
- Temperature responsive metal for temperature play
- Tapered tip for easy insertion
- Flat base for safe penetration

- 1" Diameter
- 2.8" Long / 1.6" Tip Length
- 53g Weight

- 1.34" Diameter
- 3.26" Long / 1.97" Tip Length
- 88g Weight

- For advanced anal play
- 1.61" Diameter
- 3.74" Long / 2.36" Tip Length
- 160g Weight

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how to use

Relax & grab your fave water-based lube!
Gently stroke around your anus with a well-lubed finger, then try a little penetration with the same finger, or rimming if you're playing with a partner. Climaxing before inserting your butt plug can really help you relax too.

Cover your plug in water-based anal lubricant, then position yourself comfortably. you could try:
- Bent over on all-fours (aka doggy-style)
- Lying on your back with a cushion under your bum, with your legs spread
- Squatting over the plug on your feet or knees

Slide the plug inside, being sure to pause if you experience discomfort so your body can adjust to the new sensations.
Holding both the base and shaft, position the tip at the opening of the anus, angled slightly towards your stomach, then gently push. You should feel the tip enter you.

When you feel comfortable, push a little more of the plug in, moving your hand off the shaft and using just the base of the butt plug to provide any motion.
If you’re still feeling comfortable, try pushing a little further to let the slim neck of the plug sit inside you with the flared base resting externally. Enjoy!


- Aluminum Alloy

technical details

- Waterproof

- Length 7.1cm / 2.8"
- Rounded Tip Length 4.1cm / 1.6"
- Diameter 2.7cm / 1"
- Weight 53g

- Length 8.3cm / 3.26"
- Rounded Tip Length 5cm / 1.97"
- Diameter 3.4cm / 1.34"
- Weight 88g

- Length 9.5cm / 3.74"
- Rounded Tip Length 6cm / 2.36"
- Diameter 4.1cm / 1.61"
- Weight 160g

care instructions

Dorcel Butt plugs are 100% Waterproof & super easy to clean. Simply rinse with a gentle soap & warm water, or use on of our toy cleaners.

Keep out of the reach of children.