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Fleshlight Originals - Pink Lady

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Fleshlight Originals - Pink Lady

Male masturbator - Original pink lady
Fleshlight's are soft textured canals into which you insert a penis – either yours or someone else's.

It's hard to top the Fleshlight originals - they're classic for a reason.

The Pink Lady Fleshlight is a male masturbator which is designed to bring you maximum pleasure while also developing control and longevity. The realistic features simulate the sensation of intercourse allowing you experiment with technique and experience more intense orgasms.

Perfect for edging, the fleshlight Pink Lady provides you with the opportunity to quickly switch stimulation levels allowing you to stay aroused for longer before climax.

So what are you waiting for, get up, reach for your favourite water based lubricant and start training for your very own love making marathon.

- Fleshlight with vagina orifice
- Patented superskin material
- Consistent texture to aid stamina training
- Easy to use and clean
- Compatible with Fleshlight accessories
- Length 9.75"
- Insertable length 8.5"
- Classic black case
- Styled as a torch for discretion

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how to use

How to use your Fleshlight:
Begin with a clean Fleshlight & get your lube on standby.
We recommend getting the inner of your fleshlight up to body temperature. Don't forget to add your Fleshlight sleeve warmer to your basket.

Once everything is warmed up, including you &/or the penis in question, generously apply lube to the inside of the fleshlight (as far as your fingers will let you reach), and also apply liberally to the penis.

There's no right or wrong with Fleshlights. Go with what feels good - try slow, fast, twist & turn. Introduce the head of the penis to different depths. You're using a Fleshlight because it's superior to a right hand, so you want to give it a good test drive.

Don't forget you can change the level of suction by edjusting the air flow via the end cap.

Always use waterbased lube with your Fleshlight to protect the longevity of your toy. If you've tried your Fleshlight before and found its sensations a bit too strong, try a thicker lube to lessen the sensitivity or alternatively try a thinner lube if you're looking to feel every texture. If the fleshlight feels like its rubbing - add more lube!


- Patented superskin material
- Phthalate free
- ABS exterior casing

technical details

- Length 9.75"
- Insertable Length: 8.5"
- Detailed instruction manual included

care instructions

Be sure to clean your Fleshlight thoroughly before and after use. Simply remove the inner section and clean with warm water & mild soap.

Using a toy should not be painful - if you are experiencing discomfort. stop use and ensure it is not a sign of something more serious such as an allergic reaction to the silicone.

Your toy will form small microtears over time, if damage occurs, it may be time to upgrade your Fleshlight.

Store your Fleshlight away from sunlight and direct heat.
Never use Fleshlights with silicone lube, massage oil or hand creams as this will damage the material of your toy.

Do not use on swollen or damaged skin.

Keep out of the reach of children & pets.